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the couple linda rick webWhen I think about the Team at United Karate Centers Loveland, Colorado, I recall valuable words of wisdom spoken to me from one of my teachers. He shared words of life such as Namaste “ the best in me chooses to see the best in you.” Those words enabled me throughout many years of training, teaching and mentoring to look past the “stuff” and look for the gold in myself and others. This concept impacted my life in such a positive way that I choose to practice, train, teach and mentor others the same way. The Team at United Karate Centers in Loveland Colorado has much gold in them which is very valuable to our students both young and old. Come by and check out the gold.

The Team at United Karate Centers in Loveland Colorado go through a rigorous screening process in order to teach age appropriate skills, drills and personal development. Each instructor is interviewed, has a background check and demonstrates high energy and leadership abilities before they can guide children on or off the mat. Once an instructor is ready to teach, they are required to continue their training to advance their skills.

The students at United Karate Centers are the most important element of our community as they are the leaders of our future. I do not take that lightly, in fact, it inspires me to follow my dreams and passion to guide students in a direction to stimulate and develop strength, honor and confidence to handle challenges in their lives. As a leader it is my goal to live life with no regrets, transparent and real. To point always in the most positive and encouraging way. It is not always the easiest but always the most productive, constructive and hopefully inspiring path that I can achieve.

Confidence is Foundational

The instructors at United Karate Centers provide an encouraging and positive atmosphere of acceptance. Tapping into personal attributes to stimulate and discover potential. It is proven the curriculum found in Hapkido-blend builds confidence that serves as a stimulus to reach goals and the ability to overcome life's obstacles achieving true success.

Knowledge is Power

UKC believes that education and fitness is a high priority in life. We understand achieving knowledge, inner-strength and applying life skills are unique and a personal quest for everyone. At UKC students will learn a variety of faucets to enable them to believe in themselves to pursue their dreams.

Community is Culture

Building a better community begins with acceptance and the UKC team is passionate about making a difference. It is important that whoever steps into our studio feels welcomed and accepted to discover their full potential. We coach our students to have a mindset of placing others before themselves.

Leadership is Influential

UKC has the expertise and desire to recognize leadership qualities in all ages. Newly discovered confidence, tools and opportunities will enhance leadership abilities impacting all areas of life. We are very intentional to inspire and empower leadership skills in each belt level of all ages.

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