Rick Shaw

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Co-owner, Sensei

My story begins in 1972, at the age of 12 struggling with anger issues that I didn't know how to control, feelings of explosive anger hitting walls and breaking doors. At the same time my brother Bobby was constantly being bullied at school.

My mom, Marilyn Killebrew contacted a man named Master Jung Ba Lee and asked him if Karate could teach her boys to control their tempers. I argued with my mom as I had no interest in learning Karate, but she insisted and gave me 2 choices. Either be grounded for 2 months or take Karate lessons. It was shortly thereafter I began to learn Sim Moo Hapkido and the direction of my life changed forever.

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Dana Gochanour


Junior Instructor

Hilarri Shaw



I really want to become a blackbelt because it has been a lifelong goal of mine. My father raised me with martial arts and I have yet to finish what I have started. In addition, there are many lessons I need to learn in life, and martial arts is the best way I know to learn patience, leadership, knowledge, community and respect. I have started over as a white belt and have already learned so much more about life and how to apply my knowledge.

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Linda Shaw


Co-owner & Junior Instructor



Junior Instructor

I’ve been working with children since I was 10 years old. I’ve had a passion to see children grow and learn their capabilities. I’ve been working in a preschool since 2017, gaining more knowledge and pursuing my education in early childcare. I plan on continuing my schooling and eventually get my bachelors in early childhood education. I’ve been helping as a Junior instructor at UKC since 2017 and it’s been a great experience learning the children’s capabilities at each age. I’m working my way up to become black belt, even after black belt I plan on learning as much as I can. I’m excited to continue this journey and develop more skills to be the best teacher I can.