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UKClogo blackhandleThe most complete Martial Arts known. It covers all ranges with weapons and empty hand.

Kali, Eskrima is an extremely effective battle tested weapons-based system. The bulk of what you learn will be with weapons such as stick, knife and empty handed (Silat). (weapons vs. no weapons).

Eskrima Stick Fighting Filipinos Art

Eskrima is a martial art that was brought to the U.S. by Filipinos and is believed to date back to 1521 when the Spanish began to colonize the Philippine Islands. It was a tradition handed down from generation to generation, differing from region to region. Although Eskrima was a traditional recreational activity, the Spaniards eventually banned the study and practice of the martial art. However, when the U.S. took over in 1898, the ban was lifted.

Kali, Brain Food

Why kali is good for your mind. Watch the video.
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