Martial Arts for Juniors

Build Confidence, Stay Fit


Ages 6-11

Life-changing, Character-building Martial Arts for Kids

Help your child get fit, increase their focus, and make friends! They’ll learn powerful life skills, like goal-setting, self-discipline and achieving true confidence.

Today’s high tech world encourages lifestyles that are not healthy:
  • children spending hours per day texting on their cell phones and playing video games
  • kids spend much less time outdoors playing and exploring than their parents did as kids
  • less physical exercise can lead to kids becoming overweight, higher chance of getting diabetes and lack of motivation
  • physical Education class is only twice a week instead of daily at many elementary schools
  • many children suffer from low self-esteem due to emotional and physical bullying at school
United Karate Centers can help you motivate your children to better fitness. Every session is a fun, safe, full-body work-out for your child. Understanding that younger students have shorter attention spans, we keep the class moving and going through a variety of exercises and drills.
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